Taiwan offers many gorgeous scenic spots. However, foreign visitors may not be aware, let alone experience the many highly educational and fun Do-It-Yourself (DIY) activities offered by farms and factories from different industries across this beautiful land.

Inventive Kids, in keeping to our emphasis on hands-on learning, sees a huge potential of overseas destinations to be an out-of-classroom learning experience for the young ones. Besides sightseeing, we believe that children should enjoy hands-on activities that are not easily available in Singapore, including farming, traditional arts and even food making. Inventive Kids would love to help you plan a family vacation that is enriching and educational and best tailored to your family’s needs.

Inventive Kids is not a tour agency. We act as a consultant to provide advice and help you plan and make your next family vacation a fulfilling educational experience and family bonding time, taking into consideration factors like children’s age(s) and accompanying grandparents. The idea is to have a good balance of sight-seeing, DIY and shopping to engage the entire family. In the works is also “learning passports” for the young ones to motivate them to gain some simple science and engineering knowledge of their DIY experience. Our highly reliable partner in Taiwan (Tour Taiwan) will provide you with the transportation that will take you around on your trip.

We have tried several of these unique and interesting DIYs ourselves and gained firsthand experience doing them, as a child and parent pair and as a three-generation family. We are pleased to share our experiences on this website, indicated on the side menu.

There are many more interesting DIY activities available in Taiwan that we have yet to try which we find them equally interesting and educational. They are listed on our Edu-Fun-Getaway™ Itinerary Menu.

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