Kinder STEM - Shapes & Numbers (K1 & K2)

STEM enrichment for pre-schoolers in K1 & K2

Kids learn and understand better when they are able to relate to the objects and things they see and do in their everyday lives.  What better way to learn STEM than through toys and play which features regularly in their daily routine?

Our Kinder STEM program engages pre-schoolers by getting them to be hands-on in building toy models and even inventing games in teams. Our activities focus on more than just manipulative play because they not only help the child to master fine motor skills, they encourage the child to use higher order thinking to transform shapes into simple but working toys. Great for enhancing the creativity and cognitive development of pre-schoolers! Also, by working and learning in teams, pre-schoolers will learn the importance of teamwork and sharpen their communication skills.

Another focus of our Kinder STEM program is on the application of mathematical concepts in real life.  Number bonding, pattern recognition, addition & subtraction will be taught through an interesting and interactive way of using Lego Education Math Train and real Singapore currency. Through role playing, kids will master and cultivate an appreciation of the practical use of Math in everyday life.

This Kinder STEM program is tailored for pre-schoolers between 5 to 6 years-old and will commence in January 2017 – 1 hour & 15 min sessions, weekly over 8 weeks. 

To register, please contact us at or visit us at our centre at Our Tampines Hub.

Enrichment for Preschoolers Inventive Kids

Lesson Outline

5 – 6 years old/ K1 & K2

Session 1 - Recognizing & Building simple and 3D shapes and relating the shapes to things around us

Objective: Enable kids to recognize and be familiar with the basics of shapes and relate them to daily things we see around us. This will promote the liking of shapes and reinforce the significance of mastering shapes to help them create vivid imageries.

Session 2 – Building games & making rules

Objective: Empower kids to design a simple tossing game and make rules for the game that they have built. While tossing, kids will learn to estimate distance in correspondence to their strength, sharpening their hand-eye coordination.

Session 3 – Building a toy model with Gears

Objective: Kids will be introduced to Gears and how they can help us to do work.

Session 4 – Building a toy model with string

Objective: The kids are required to learn how to tie a simple knot, which is an essential life skill to have.

Session 5 – Number Bond in dollar & cents

Objective: Introduce counting, addition and subtraction using real currency.

Session 6 – Recognizing patterns in odd or even numbers

Objective: Reinforce the concept of odd & even numbers.

Session 7 – Addition & Subtraction in Real Life (1)

Objective: Enable kids to apply addition and subtraction using real currency through role playing.

Session 8 – Addition & Subtraction in Real Life (2)

Objective: Enable kids to apply addition and subtraction using real currency through role playing.