Our Play-based STEM-based Creative Problem Solving program

Inventive Kids Learning Model

In this hyper-speed info-laden world where computers are increasingly replacing human intelligence and even skills, critical thinking, creativity, and a propensity to learn have never been more important. To be future-ready, a person needs to use his higher-order intelligence to ask the right questions to find and provide solutions.

A STEM education is proven to help children to be thinkers and problem-solvers. Children are born scientists and engineers. Their natural curiosity and insatiable appetite for exploration to push boundaries should be encouraged and developed to prepare them for tomorrow.

Our InventiveMakers curriculum aims to develop:

  • a questioning and divergent problem-solving mindset (multiple solutions instead of just one ‘correct’ solution), 
  • an aptitude for collaboration and team work and, 
  • an appreciation of STEM and how various scientific and engineering concepts apply in real world situations and in our lives.

We adopt ‘play’ as the medium of learning. Play is fun, which is important to employ the creative side of the mind. It is also a natural learning process where the children manipulate objects, experiment and discover how things work, and turn ideas into practical form. In fact, creating prototypes or toy models is the cornerstone of Inventive Kids’ programs.

During an Inventive Kids' lesson, children will be given building challenges which they are to solve in teams. As there is more than one single solution to meet the challenge, children will learn to generate ideas on their own, harness the power of diversity of ideas from the entire team, build the prototypes and put them to the test. Many tests, in fact, as they will be guided to observe the performance of their self-created toy models and modify them to the desired expectations. The iterating cycle of building, observing, troubleshooting and modifications allows the children to explore endless possibilities revolving STEM concepts.

Our program emphasis is on highly hands-on experiential learning that involves real thinking, engineering design process and investigative skills to identify possibilities, solutions and connections to STEM concepts. The rationale is simple, while know-how needs updating, one’s ability to think will lead to the next big invention.

Our programs are run as enrichment camps and workshops for children from kindergarten and primary schools. Find out more about the different activities we conduct in our 'Program' page.

We have compiled some feedback from the children who attended our private and public camps and as well as from their parents' about our program at Success Stories. Do check it out!