Holiday camp Inventive Kids

Specially designed to sooth the fears of P5 and P6 students in their science topics.

This program aims to inject fun into prepping for the ‘most important exam in Singapore' -- the PSLE.  

Kids will attain a good grounding in the basic concepts required in Electrical System, Interaction of Forces and Energy Conversion – through the process of toy-making and playing with their self-made toy!

The trainer will illustrate the concepts with practical set-up. The students will be required to design & incorporate the science concepts into their toy models to gain first hand experience on how these concepts work. Nothing beats the real thing!  A bonus – kids will get to bring home their own handmade mini Maglev train!

The focus of this 3-session workshop is on the 3 mentioned science topics and the objective is help the kids understand how these concepts occur in our daily lives and how to harness the properties to make things work. We believe this will make the topics fun and easy to understand through their hands-on experiential learning.

As our program name suggests -- the hands-on exploration is an engaging way of learning STEM which aims to motivate the child on his or her contnuous learning journey.

Suitable for 11 - 12 year-olds (Primary 5 & 6)

Please contact us at our centre at Our Tampines Hub or email us at to register for the workshops.