LEGO® Mindstorms EV3 Robotics Program for 9 - 13 years old

Mindstorm robotics

Students from the higher primary level who already learned angles, distance measurement, circumference, diameter, etc, can see all these play out in front of them in our Mindstorms Basic 1 & 2 program. Prepared by an experienced robotics enthusiast who won multiple awards in robotics and competitive robotics competitions during his school days, our Mindstorms curriculum emphasizes significantly on programming and sensors’ applications.

 We are proud to share that a few students with prior Mindstorms experience in school gave us feedback that they gain better and more in-depth understanding when they attend the classes with us. 

 Students who attend our program will have the use of the Mindstorms set and a laptop to themselves without sharing. Additionally, our class size is only 4, an extremely good student-teacher ratio for top-notch guidance. There are challenges after each segment to enable the students to apply what they have just learnt to reinforce understanding.   

 Do visit us at our learning centre for more detailed discussion or registration.