About Thinkertoyland®

The concept of the stick & spool by the original Tinkertoy from America has more than one hundred years of history. Building on the century-old concept but with improved design and additional new patented components, THINKETOYLAND® by Zhejiang Beima, China, stands out on its own.  It has gained widespread recognition in China’s preschool sector and has been endorsed as an educational tool by the Chinese Youth Academy of Science.

As the sole distributor of Thinkertoyland® since 2013, we have introduced it to our local customers through educational fairs and road-shows. The positive responses we received from both institutions and end-users are encouraging.    

The colourful components of Thinkertoyland® are light, yet sturdy and can be used to build moving and dynamic toy models. Due to its proven design that enables the children to use it intuitively, the children can easily build their imagination quickly and boldly each time. In a group setting (eg: schools or student care centres), the children can work in teams to build more complex designed structures together, fostering teamwork and communication skills.

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Below: Endorsement letter by the Chinese Youth Academy of Science of Thinkertoyland® as an educational tool.  Thinkertoyland® introduced as an educational tool at the 65th *OMEP World Assembly and Congress.

*OMEP stands for Organisation Mondiale Pour L' Education Prescolaire (World Organisation for Early Childhood Education), an international non-governmental and non-profit organisation with Consultatve Status at the United Nations and UNESCO.

Thinkertoyland at OMEP 2013