About Us

Our Mission

To provide children with hands-on discovery learning experiences that foster essential life-skills with the emphasis on creativity, teamwork, collaboration, communication and entrepreneurial mindset to ready them for success in the future.

Our Vision

To be recognized as the Edupreneur who inspires every child to be inventive, confident and future-ready.

An edupreneur or educational entrepreneur, also known as an agent of change, brings in new ideas and concepts into the business world where education is concerned.

What does Inventive Kids® stand for?

Tomorrow's workplace will value our children more for their ability to create than recall facts or replicate processes.  As an edupreneur, Inventive Kids strives to bring learning experiences to foster creative development in children to prepare them for the future.  We are a great believer of discovery learning where children ‘learn by doing’.  We design hands-on activities to inspire creative thinking, where children invent, prototype, test and iterate designs. 

Inventive Kids LightbulbBeing hands-on is key to ‘learning by doing’ and developing thinking skills.  Inventive Kids has even incorporated this philosophy into the light bulb of our logo.  The hand-shaped filament in the lighted bulb signifies that every glowing successful idea is the result of the hands materializing it from concept, through an iteration of trial and error.   

Often, in our activities, this meaningful learning process is conducted in teams where children will also pick up teamwork, collaboration and communication, the leading literacies of tomorrow’s economy.

Our activities are designed and built on the the enormous learning that we have gained directly from founders and renowned experts in developing creativity in children.  Kids who attend our workshops would experience top-notch and fun-filled engaging activities that involve engineering concepts.  Why engineering?  Engineering is the building block of society.  Almost every aspect of things from the humble nail clipper to the soaring skyscraper involves innovative engineering skills.  Thus, it is a natural conduit for creative learning. Kids of different nationalities who attended our workshops enjoyed and gave positive reviews of our programs. This is huge endorsement from the young participants!

Eventually, we aim to bring our brand of learning experience, together with its philosophy, to the home and schools.  Thus, we are always on the look-out for fellow edupreneurs, educators and partners who share our vision to grow the business together and to reach out to every child, locally or overseas.


Our Brand of Learning Experiences for Children

As Albert Einstein once said “Learning is experience. Everything else is information”. We bring learning experiences to children.  Learning is lifelong journey.  It should happen in schools, at our workshops and camps, even at home.  It is an accumulation of various experiences that builds and shapes a person.

Constantly improving to bring a fresh perspective and more variety of activities to kids, we now have two anchor brands.  Our Discover™ workshops allow kids to discover science and engineering through quick prototyping using every day recyclable materials.  The idea is to build models, however rudimentary looking, that works.

Our InventiveMakers™ activities, on the other hand, encourages building endless possibilities using ready yet dynamic components eg connectors, axles and gears.  The ingenuity of the components allows learning to be experienced in our workshops, in school and even at home!  

Whatever we do, our core remains the same – hands-on, learning by doing, learning by discovery, creativity, team work, ready for the future.

Inventive Kids® Founders

Inventive Kids® was founded by Ricky Ho and Iris Lo in 2012. They have a combined wealth of experience in human resource management, mass communication, training, mechanical engineering, global channel distribution marketing and sales experience accumulated over 2 decades of working with multi-national companies. In addition to the teaching concepts learned from the experts in the educational sectors, they infuse creativity and innovation and most importantly pragmatic life-skills that are required in the growingly competitive workplace, into the learning activities they design.

While Ricky was working in a MNC which was the market leader in its industry, his job required him to travel intensively within Asia Pacific, visiting many factories of different industries. His typical work day visiting customers at their factories could begin with a brewery, then to a cement making plant, steel making plant, car assembly plant, glass making plant, seaport, sugar mill, etc. From his frequent interactions with the respective plant directors, managers, engineers and supervisors, he acquired a rare all-rounded understanding of various machinery and the engineering and science related to the different industries.  Ricky aims to use these knowledge to illustrate engineering and science concepts in their simplest forms to his young students.

Ricky Ho is a Registered Trainer with the Ministry of Education (MOE), Singapore and also a trained facilitator of Lego® Serious Play® 

Bernie Trilling is the co-author of the widely acclaimed book,"21st century skills: Learning for life in our times".  

He is a 21st century learning expert, advisor and author.  He has served as board member of the Partnership for 21st century skills and co-chaired the committee that developed the highly regarded “rainbow” learning framework.

Bonnie Cramond, Ph.D., is the director of the Torrence Centre for Creativity and Talent Development at the University of Georgia, and a professor in the Department of Educational Psychology there. Dr Ed Sobey,co-founder of Kids Invent! and author of many creativitiy books for kids such as “Inventing Toys”, “Loco-Motion: Physics Models for the Classroom”. Prof Tim Stearns, co-founder of Kids Invent! and Executive Director, Coleman Foundation Chair in Entrepreneurial Studies

Mr Hu Bisheng Thinkertoyland® Founder 

Ms Sammy Shi (far right) President/ CEO of Zhejiang Beima (marketing unit of Thinkertoyland®)