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School Set - 1,260 piece

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Thinkertoyland® school set is used as an educational toy at PCF Sparkletots Preschools and a learning tool for S.T.E.M (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) creative problem solving enrichment at primary schools.

Parents can coach their children in creating moving and working toy models, guiding them in problem-solving through observation, testing, modifying or fine-tuning their designs. It gives a new meaning to fun and play and makes a great family bonding activity!

Benefits of playing with Thinkertoyland®

  • Improves motor skills such as hand-eye coordination
  • Stimulates brain development as child explores combining different parts to create a moving toy
  • Develops social and language skills when children build together

School Set consists of 1,260 pieces of components. It is good for a class size of 10 kids. It is also suitable for large families with several children and for parents who like organizing parties for kids, to occupy their time meaningfully with purposeful playtime. If there is only one kid, this set will bring immense joy to this only kid as he/ she can let his/ her imagination run wild and build according to it.

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