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WeDo Robotics
5 - 7 years old

We provide FREE assessment!
If your child has prior WeDo robotics or Lego Boost experience & is interested in continuing his/her robotics learning with us, we can arrange a free assessment to enable us to recommend a suitable level for him/her to continue.
Parents can sit-in during the assessment to understand their child's current competent level & our recommendation.

Don’t worry Parents!  Even your child who is between 5 to 7 years old and do not have prior robotics experience, can still enrol to our robotics program. Nonetheless, majority of this age group would have no to very limited prior robotics experience.

Although some children got to experience robotics in their preschools. It normally consisting of a ‘plug & play’ type of robot and the coding would be directional symbols tiles to be placed within a finite space as parameters. It still provides a good start for the beginners though, but the children could have easily learned & applied more robotics concepts with a versatile robotics set to enhance their learning experience.


We use WeDo robotics sets from Lego Education and the learners would learn to use components like motor, sensors, gears, belt & pulleys, etc, to construct dynamic robots that could execute a varied of challenging tasks. They would also learn & apply more substantial & real-world coding concepts with easy to understand pictorial coding blocks in a tablet.

We have an extensive and in-depth lessons that enable the children to establish a sound foundation in robotics when they progress along. These hands-on activities are to be done by the learners, individually, as one robotics set and a tablet will be assigned to him/ her for the lesson(s). 

Basic Introduction - Only 1 lesson (Trial Lesson)

​Duration: 1 hour 30 minutes

Fees: $80


The lesson introduces the learners to the lesson sequence and our delivery method to achieve the lesson’s objectives.


The lessons consist mainly of four objectives:

  1. ascertaining the learner’s level of visual spatial skills, 

  2. ascertaining the learner’s ability to remain focused,

  3. enabling the learner to understand & apply the coding blocks & concepts to construct a coding string according to the objective,

  4. at the end of the lesson, the learner is able to apply coding independently or with minimum assistance to attempt the given tasks successfully.

The robot building segment emphasizes on the fine motor and visual spatial skills of the leaners, it also requires them to pay attention to detail to connect the components correctly. 

The coding segment requires the learners to remain focused as the concepts are verbally elaborated and illustrated. Their ability to remain focused is the fundamental requirement to enable them to understand concepts and to benefit from the program.

After the lesson, we will provide feedback & our recommendation to the learner’s parents if the learner is ready to continue to the Intermediate lessons to strengthen their basic knowledge through more applications.

Intermediate - Only 6 lessons

​Duration: 1 hour 30 minutes each lesson

Fees: $480

The Intermediate consists of six lessons of 1 hour 30 minutes each in the weekly class. It is three sessions of 3-hour each in our school holiday program.


The learners will learn to apply simple machines concepts, and likely their 1st time to assemble compound gears, etc, in their robot building. Additionally, they will also integrate sensors onto the robot and to code to enable it to execute designated tasks upon receiving the specific input.​

There are more connecting steps to complete each robots and simple conditional statements to be used in the coding. 

We have crafted challenging task(s) in each lesson that requires the learners to alter the robot mechanism and/ or coding to meet the task’s objective. There are no sample instructions to follow, hence they will depend on their critical & analytical thinking skills, be inventive but pragmatic while applying interdisciplinary STEM concepts to create their solution.​


After completing the Intermediate lessons, learners can consider enrolling to ‘Tougher Robots’ where robots are tougher to build and advanced coding concepts such as conditional statement will be taught. Chat with us for more detail.


*WeDo Certificate will be presented upon completion of the program

Tougher Robots - 40 lessons

Duration: 1 hour 45 minutes per lesson

Fees: $400 for 5 lessons/ $720 for 10 lessons/ $1,440 for 20 lessons

During June/ November/ December school holidays, learners can purchase lesson credits to attend either a 5 lessons or 10 lessons basis per purchase.

​The 40 robots in this program consist of:


  1. more intricate connections and connecting steps to complete one robot;

  2. combination of simple machine concepts for the moving mechanism (eg: belt & pulley with gears, gear train, the use of different gear type);

  3. learn & apply advanced coding concepts such as conditional statement ‘if, then’ with the sensor’s input to effect certain application like speed synchronization;

  4. learn & apply decimals in the parameter of the code;

  5. attempting the given challenges that require the learner to utilise either the robot or coding parameter and/ or both. It is to provide learning opportunities to the learners to hone their analytical thinking skill and to apply interdisciplinary STEM concepts;

In essence, the young learners will establish a good foundation in robotics from these constructing and ‘playing’ with these 50 robots. These hands-on experiential learning provides the learners good insight of the methodology in utilising the different coding concepts and building techniques.


This valuable knowledge will be useful when the learners eventually progress to Spike Prime robotics program where being an independent learner who can analyse the mission’s requirement to enable them to design, construct and code their own robot to attempt the mission successfully without following any standard instructions.    

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