2 hours
8 - 14 years
1 Workshop per theme

Mindstorms Play-gineering


Learning Objectives:

  1. To sharpen the students’ visual-spatial skill, processing skill and sense-making

  2. To encourage and deepen the students' Math & Science interest 


Pre-requisite: Completed Mindstorms Basic: Movements

Wanting to out smart each other by pushing the opponent’s robot out of the ring? Sumo demands the Play-gineers to be clever in their robot’s accessories in assisting the ‘push’, it also requires them to adopt a sound strategy in programming their robot’s movement to become the Yokozuna among the Play-gineers!

EscapadeThe plane filled with money & gold bars has just landed. There are 2 trophies containing the valuables filling up to its brim, are balance on the plane’s both wings. The robot needs to tow the plane safely to the Red Zone, without spilling the valuables out.  

LandscapingA well-maintained park that needs to be expanded to the Green Zone. The Play-gineers are tasked to landscape the Green Zone by planting 4 more special trees within its perimeter. The Play-gineers are required to move the 4 special trees from the plant nursery and place it within the Green Zone.  

Off-Road Vehicles Rolling over the Lego Hill is not as easy as one thinks. The vehicle body needs to be high enough as not to get stuck by the terrain, especially when it is at the peak. The drive mechanism must be strong enough to propel it over it, but which is the appropriate one? Belt & Pulley or Gears? If it is gear set, which combination is the appropriate one? Let our Play-gineers try it out for themselves!

Save the Turtles! 
There are 2 turtles waiting to be freed! Play-gineers need to design a robot that can tow the boat-load of turtles and free them at the Blue Zone. Together with the boat, the robot needs to manoeuvre through a channel leading to the Blue Zone which is patrolled by sharks. A challenge that requires the robot to be steady in its movement.

B.T.O – Build to Order

The estate is having its flats built and the Play-gineers are to build a robot and program it to move 2 finished blocks of the window units to the Yellow Zone. The robot needs to be careful while in motion to avoid the barricades.                             


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