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Parents Robotics

How to attend this lesson for on....

Today’s technologies and its tools are already within our children’s daily lives.

In contrast to most parents who grew up decades ago, did not have the present technologies and lacked enrichment programs then, may not have an opportunity to receive such knowledge while growing up. Hence, these parents may not fully grasp the terminology of “robotics/ coding/ STEM” which are the same to them.     

The “Bots For Parents” lesson emphasis is to be informative for parents to understand our pedagogy for interdisciplinary STEM concepts & its application during the hands-on activities and Q&A in the lesson.


Don’t worry Parents, if this is the 1st time for you to attend such lesson. It is not tough to understand as the activities in the lessons are similar to the trial lesson of the respective robotics programs that most young learners can follow.


We have 2 different lessons and parents will attend the lesson according to their child’s age.

  • Parent(s) whose children is between 5 to 7 years old will use WeDo robotics in the lesson,

  • Parent(s) whose children is 8 years & older will use Spike Prime robotics in the lesson.


What to expect from the lesson?

  • Parents who are taking the WeDo robotics, will build & code a robot to tackle some interesting & fun challenges.

  • Parents who are taking the Spike Prime robotics, will get to code to move a robot accurately to achieve some interesting & fun objectives too.


In the progress, we hope parents can see the essence of our lessons is to provide a sustainable education platform using robotics, to develop our young learners to apply interdisciplinary STEM concepts with their analytical thinking skill confidently and competently.

Who is suitable to attend this workshop?

  • Parents who are interested to know what STEM, robotics & coding are,

  • Parents who want to have some hands-on learning experience in robotics,

  • Parents who want to know whether the lesson is suitable for their child,


Duration of the workshop: 1 hour 30 minutes

Maximum class size: 6 parents

Fees: $40 per parent


To encourage parents who feel the need to take up this lesson, parents who after completing their lesson and would like to enrol their child to the respective robotics trial lessons, they can use their $40 paid fees to off-set their child’s trial lesson fees within 30 days from the date of the parent’s lesson.

Rendering the parent’s lesson – FREE!

Please take note:

“Bots For Parents” is specifically for parents to attend only, it is not a parent-child workshop.


The pace of the lesson is naturally faster and the illustrations used would be easily understood by the parents to enable them to evaluate whether our lessons are suitable for their children.

WhatsApp us for the lesson schedule and/ or registration.

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