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Best in STEM-based
Experiential Learning

Inventive Kids strives to bring hands-on learning experiences to foster inter-disciplinary thinking with inventiveness to prepare our children for the future. 

We are also a:

LEGO Education Beta Test Panelist in Asia

LEGO Education Retailer


Our hands-on experiential learning activities impart STEM concepts and skills through the creating and exploring of toy models. Purposeful play develops focus and builds a strong foundation for learning and creative thinking.


Our students look forward to our practical STEM challenges which position them to analyse problems & devise divergent solutions. They need to apply sense-making, inventiveness and persevere in executing their ideas until they achieve a viable solution.


We cultivate a growth mentality whereby goals can be achieved through diligence, good strategies and input from others. This growth mentality is the cornerstone of our learning experiences to nurture self-efficacy of our students to succeed in life.


My son loves all the courses as he finds it fun and interesting. Every course has its own challenge and he needs to think and create his own design. The courses allow him to develop critical thinking, analysis and observational skills. His teacher, Ricky, has deep knowledge and passion for the course. He guided my son and encourages him to do his best and even if the design does not work out, he always gives a word of encouragement to him to keep trying. He maintains open communication with parents and keeps us informed about my son's progress. Now, my son is into another challenge which he looks forward to every weekend. Thanks Inventive Kids for giving joy and fun to my son!

Cassandra Wong

Parent of Joshua (Mindstorms)


November & December Holiday Programs

18th November – 30th December 2019

Keen to let your child explore the world of Science Technology Engineering & Math (STEM) during their long end of year school break?

We have courses available for ages 4 and above, with each workshop/course designed to keep them engaged whilst learning more about STEM! Our programs are also designed to improve their soft skills such as visual-perceptual skills, logical & critical thinking skills, and creativity.

Limited places available for each program, sign up today!


[ 4 to 5 Years-Old ]

KinderSTEM is a developmental, heuristic play-based STEM program for preschoolers, nurturing a holistic skill set of visual-perceptual abilities, cognitive processing, motor skills and real world STEM knowledge.

Our lessons incorporate hands-on applications and real world knowledge into activities that aim to develop logical reasoning and problem solving strategies, providing an early advantage in critical thinking for your child.  

Programs Available: 

  • KinderSTEM Holiday Workshops

  • Christmas Themed Workshops

  • Matatalab Screenless Coding Workshop

WEDO 2.0

[ 6 to 8 Years-Old ]

A program to kick start a young child's robotics journey! WeDo robotics is a simple and yet powerful robotics program where our students gain real world knowledge and robotics skills by replicating modern technologies through robot building & programming. 

LEGO® Education WeDo 2.0 is suitable for young kids and first timers entering robotics. Its icon-based programming platform is easy to understand and apply, thus encouraging kids to explore complex topics in the fields of physics, engineering, and programming. On top of that, it also helps kids to develop motor and cognitive skills through robot building.

Programs Available: 

  • WeDo Accelerated Basic Course

  • WeDo Workshops

mindstorms ev3

[ 8 to 14 Years-Old ]

A challenging and immersive program that mirrors real world applications. Students will incorporate Math, Physics and Engineering concepts into their robot Design & Programming to solve challenges. 

Mindstorms programming develops the students’ process thinking and strengthens some fundamental mathematics concepts such as the familiarity of angles, the importance of decimal place, etc. While designing and building the robot and its attachments for different challenges, it encourages children to adopt a divergent solution mindset and inventiveness but with pragmatism.  

Programs Available: 

  • Mindstorms Basic: Movement

  • Mindstorms Basic: Sensors

  • Mindstorms Space Missions

  • Mindstorms Build & Play


 Program Schedule


Not sure of whether to enrol your child to our KinderSTEM development class intake in January? Here is the perfect trial class cum holiday program for your young ones!


Take up 1 workshop ($60 per workshop) or take up all 12 including the brand new screenless coding class using Matatalab.


Each workshop can be taken independently except for Matatalab where Bot 1 must be taken before you can attend Bots 2 to 4.

WEDO 2.0

[6 – 8 years-old]

[$90 per workshop]

8 fun models to build with some serious concepts to be learnt!

Our ‘Build & Play’ will be equally fun and educational for both the uninitiated and existing students.  For those new to robotics, whether you enjoy the lessons will be a good indicator of whether you are ready for our robotics developmental program.
Choose any or all 8 models on any of the below dates/ sessions.


Cable Car





Overload Centrifuge

Gears & Application

WEDO 2.0
certification course

Catch it during this school holidays!  Our WeDo foundation program normally held as regular classes over 8 weeks will be accelerated during this school holiday.  
A certificate will be issued upon completion of the intermediate module.

wedo accelerated
basic course

mindstorms ev3
Build & Play

[8 – 14 years-old]

[$120 per workshop]


Whether you are an experienced roboticist or newbie who is not sure whether Mindstorms is for you, our ‘Build & Play’ will provide a different learning experience that will give an insight into some real world applications in the form of 4 robotic models.  You can choose any of the 4 models or all 4 on any of the below dates and sessions.

certification course

Catch it during this school holiday!  Our Mindstorms basic program normally held as regular classes over 16 to 20 hours will be accelerated during this school holiday. 

*A certificate will be issued upon student’s satisfactory demonstration of competence gained.


3 hours course

Every Tue to Fri,

2pm – 5pm

[19 Nov to 20 Dec 2019]


Fri, 27 Dec, 9am – 12pm


6 sessions of 1.5 hours each






2 Dec

3 Dec

4 Dec

5 Dec

6 Dec

9.00am - 10.30am

10.45am - 12.15pm

11.00am - 12.30pm

11.00am - 12.30pm

11.00am - 12.30pm

11.00am - 12.30pm



27 Dec

30 Dec

2.00pm - 3.30pm

3.45pm - 5.15pm

9.00am - 10.30am

10.45am - 12.15pm

2.00pm - 3.30pm

3.45pm - 5.15pm


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