Explore the world of Science Technology Engineering & Math (STEM) during the long end of year school break!
We have courses available for ages 4 and above, with each workshop/course designed to keep them engaged whilst learning more about STEM! Our programs are also designed to develop their visual-perceptual, logical & critical thinking skills, and creativity.

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kinderstem adventures

for 4-year-olds

Three themed adventurers that combine Math, engineering, and coding for some really fun hands-on learning!

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How do we open the mysterious treasure box laying mysteriously on the beach? 

The students will be tasked to crack a code using mirrors and solve a puzzle in order to obtain the code required to unlock the chest! 

Thereafter, they will have to program a robot through coding which will lead them through the treacherous waves to reach the chest. 


Per Session:



Round and round and round it goes! Let's build a ferris wheel with sticks and connectors to recreate our very own fun fair! 

Students will get to improve their fine and gross motor skills during this class by building their own giant Ferris wheel. 

Thereafter, they will be tasked to program a robot by using coding to navigate out of a maze! 


Per Session:




Let's improve our numeracy skills through fishing! 

The students will be tasked to build their own fishing rod with a working pulley to catch all the fishes in the pond. Each fish comes with a number at the back and they have to find out the final amount at the end of each round! 

Thereafter, they will program a robot to catch the fishes on their behalf without using a fishing rod!


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wedo robotics

for 5 to 7-year-olds


Our WeDo robotics program goes into accelerated mode during this school holiday. Students can complete the basic, intermediate and part of the 30-lesson Tougher Robots curriculum during this holiday. 



Accelerated Basic

Our WeDo 2.0 Accelerated Basic Robotics Program is ideal to kick-start  the robotics learning experience for the young children! 


No prior robotics experience is needed to enroll to this program as the lessons comprise of purposeful-play & sense-making. The programming is easy to understand as they are in pictorial form using drag & drop method, enabling easy learning & applying it.


1 Session is 3-hour. Total 1 Session





It is a continuation from the basic program for students to reinforce the basic concepts in the 3-hour sessions conducted over 3 consecutive afternoons. 


Exciting challenges are given in each lesson that require the students to be analytical & inventive in creating their solution.


1 Session is 3-hour. Total 3 Sessions



Tougher Robots

Tougher Robots to toughen the students' robotics skill by learning & applying some advanced robotics building & programming skills! 


Students will build 10 Tougher Robots with 2 robots in each 3-hour session.  


There are 30 robots altogether in this program and students can talk to us to continue to the next 20 tougher robots.


1 Session is 3-hour. Total 5 Sessions


Mindstorms ev3 robotics

for 8 to 14-year-olds


Mindstorms Basic Movements

Robots are capable to stop at the designated distance and make tight & clean turns. These precise movements are made possible by the programmer who has a good understanding on calculation and sequencing in his/ her programming. 


Students will learn & apply several math concepts such as the importance of applying decimal numbers, angles, estimation and strengthening of the basic arithmetic operations (+, - , x, ÷) through real applications.

We can conduct a free assessment to students who would like to join our Mindstorms program(s) and have prior Mindstorms experience. This is to ascertain the level of competency to enable us to recommend a suitable program.  The emphasis of the assessment is on programming.  


Mindstorms Basic Sensors

Mindstorms EV3 has four types of sensors which are widely used across many industries and commonly used in robots.

Students will learn the characteristic of the sensors - Ultrasonic, Colour, Touch & Gyro. More importantly, they will learn to integrate the sensors with the robot and program it to perform certain tasks.


Mindstorms Into Orbit

Space missions are always exciting, and it will get even more exciting when the students are designing, constructing, and programming their robot to take on the missions!

For 5 consecutive afternoons of 3 hours each, the students will be experiencing the same euphoria as the thousands of kids world-wide attempting ‘Into Orbit’ missions from the FIRST LEGO League competition.


What are the objectives of attempting those missions? It provides a platform for the students to:

  • To develop analytical thinking skill while analyzing the mission’s requirement(s) and to map out a strategy for the approach;

  • Be inventive with the ideas for the attachments to take on the missions and at the same time, enabling the students to materialize and evaluate the pragmatism of their ideas;

  • Visualize the sequence of approach to create programming;

  • Develop attention to details for necessary fine-tuning of the robot to accomplish the missions successfully

In essence, the student will become a Robotics Play-gineer while completing the program of Mindstorms EV3 with us. A certificate of achievement will be awarded to the student who accomplish the missions satisfactorily.






Sign up for three workshops to enjoy the promotional price at 

$340 (UP $390)

WeDo Robotics


Basic + Intermediate

= $500 (UP $600)

Basic + Intermediate +

Tougher Robots (5 sessions, 3 hours each)

= $1056 (UP $1320)

Mindstorms EV3

Basic Movement + Sensors

= $480 (UP $500)

Basic Movement + Into Orbit

(5 sessions, 3 hours each)

$855 (UP $950)

Basic Movement + Sensors +

Into Orbit (5 sessions, 3 hours each) 

=  $960 (UP $1200)

Signing up for 2 sessions or more than 5 sessions of Into Orbit? Contact us for the arrangement.