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School Holiday STEM Programs

Our age-appropriate purposeful play programs are suitable for children between 6 to 12 years old. Besides acquiring some inter-disciplinary STEM concepts, our students will also sharpen and strengthen their visual-spatial skill, analytical , computational and as well as inventive thinking.


There are some popular timing among the dates, so confirm your child's registration early!

WeDo robotics
For 6- & 7-year-old

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WeDo Accelerated Basic Robotics program is ideal to kick-start the robotics learning experience for young children! 

No prior robotics experience is needed to enroll in this program as the lessons comprise of purposeful play & sense-making. The coding is easy to understand & apply as they are in pictorial form using drag & drop method.

WeDo Intermediate program is a continuation program after completing the Basic program. It consists of 3 sessions of 3 hours each. 

There are 6 different robots to enable the students to apply & strengthen their robot building with some common simple machine concepts & coding.  

Engaging challenges are given in each lesson. There are no standard building & coding instructions given. The students are required to be analytical & inventive to create their solutions to solve them.

WeDo Tougher Robots consists of 6 tougher robots to build during this holiday. Students will construct 2 robots in each 3-hour session.


These sessions enable the students to construct the robots' moving mechanisms using a combination of different simple machines, and the use of sensors with advanced coding concepts. They will deepen their understanding of the relationship between the parameter of the code, the sensor's input and the desired output, forming the basis of any robot.


Students can continue to our weekly Tougher Robots lessons if they would like to pursue the program.

Mindstorms EV3 robotics
For 8 years old & above

Mindstorms Robotics - Basic Movement 


This program emphasizes on the coding to achieve the accurate movement of the robot which requires the students:

  • To calculate to obtain the required parameter(s) to move & stop the robot accurately. This entails the understanding and application of decimal numbers and some arithmetic operations to obtain the parameters for the coding;

  • To code the robot to make two types of turns and to understand when to apply which type of turn.

The above concepts form the Basis of Mindstorms robotics and the students can only progress to the other levels after completing this program.

We can conduct a free assessment for students who would like to join our Mindstorms program(s) and have prior Mindstorms robotics experience. This is to ascertain the level of competency of the student to enable us to recommend a suitable level for the continuation.  The emphasis of the assessment is on Mindstorms EV3 Scratch Coding.  

Mindstorms Robotics - Sensors

Mindstorms EV3 robotics has 4 types of sensors which are widely used across many industrial automations and commonly used in robots.

Students will learn the characteristic of the sensors - Ultrasonic, Colour, Touch & Gyro. More importantly, they will learn to integrate the sensors with the robot and code it to perform certain tasks that resembles real-world applications.

Continue Missions - Into Orbit

Students need to attend 5 sessions in this program to:

  • Strengthen the coding concepts on the robot's movement by visualizing the sequence of approach;

  • Develop & strengthen analytical skills from analyzing the mission’s requirement(s) and to map out a strategy to attempt the mission successfully;

  • Be inventive & pragmatic in ideas for the attachments for the missions;

  • Adopt 'attention to details' for necessary fine-tuning in the robot and/ or its movement to accomplish the missions successfully.

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