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Nurturing children to become Play-gineers® who can exercise sound critical thinking, inventiveness, sense-making, and relate to and apply interdisciplinary STEM concepts. 

because we develop competent problem-solvers through Play!

As simple the word - Play - may sound, each of our purposeful play activities encompasses an objective that enables our young learners to learn and apply specific concepts to achieve a successful outcome. 


Hence, a series of interdisciplinary S.T.E.M concepts would be illustrated by the educators to enable the young learners to apply while creating and playing their dynamic toy models.​

​In addition to providing a STEM education platform to our young learners in their developing years, our play activities encourage our young learners to be divergent thinkers who create unique solutions to the given challenges in the lessons.  


These play activities would immerse them in the process of honing their conceptual thinking skill, encapsulating critical thinking, analytical thinking and computational thinking while integrating the interdisciplinary STEM concepts competently into their solutions.

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Our hands-on experiential learning activities impart STEM principles & concepts through the creating and exploring of toy models. Purposeful play develops focus and builds a strong foundation for learning and creative thinking.

STEM & Robotics Challenges

Our learners look forward to our practical STEM challenges which position them to analyse problems & devise divergent solutions. They need to apply sense-making, inventiveness and persevere in executing their ideas until they achieve a viable solution.

Develop a

Growth Mindset

We cultivate a growth mentality whereby goals can be achieved through diligence, good strategies and input from others. This growth mentality is the cornerstone of our learning experiences to nurture self-efficacy of our learners to succeed in life.


Our STEM (science, technology, engineering & math) play-based, age-appropriate programs are suitable for children from 4 to 12 years old. We recognise children at different age, require appropriate stimulus as catalysts, to enable them to discover their interest, hone their skills set, broaden and strengthen their knowledge in the realm of STEM through purposeful play.

  4 years old 

KinderSTEM program provides 4 years old learners with hands-on applications to understand some crucial fundamental STEM concepts through purposeful play.  The play activities include some common but fundamental STEM principles such as numeracy & patterns, shapes characteristics, geometry & its orientation, structures, symmetry, balance, etc. 


These hands-on purposeful play help the learners to ‘see’ & understand the inter-relationship between principles and concepts in creating a workable solution. 

 WeDo Robotics 
  5 to 7 years old 

WeDo robotics program provides an understanding of the fundamentals of robotics to learners of 5 to 7 years old. They will learn and apply coding, simple machines concepts, the use of sensors, etc, to complete some required tasks.


There is a 'challenge' segment where the learners need to be inventive to create a solution to solve it. It requires them to modify their robot, after analyzing the problem. Those modifications are done without any standard building instructions for them to follow. 

 Spike Prime Robotics 
  8 to 12 years old 

Spike Prime robotics program is suitable for 8 to 12 years old.


The uniqueness of this program is that there are no standard instructions in its coding and robot building for the learners to follow while attempting missions.


Learners will hone and strengthen their analytical & critical thinking, coding skill, robot designing and building technique from attempting missions (as shown in the vid).

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