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Robotics for 5 - 7 years old

We provide FREE assessment!
If your child has prior WeDo robotics or Lego Boost experience & is interested in continuing his/her robotics journey with us, we can arrange a free assessment to enable us to recommend a suitable level for him/her.

Welcome to our exciting WeDo LEGO robotics program specifically for children aged 5 to 7!


We understand that your child may not have any prior experience in robotics, and that's perfectly fine. Our program is tailored to accommodate beginners while offering enriching experiences for those with limited exposure to robotics.


While some children may have encountered basic robotics in preschool, often involving simple 'plug & play' robots and rudimentary coding, our curriculum is definitely more exciting and fun to learn new STEM concepts with. We believe that with the right tools, children can grasp more complex STEM concepts at an early age.

At the heart of our program are the Lego Education WeDo robotics sets, which provide a versatile platform for exploration and learning. Using components such as motors, sensors, gears, pulleys, etc, your child will construct dynamic robots capable of completing a variety of engaging tasks. Through hands-on experimentation, they will gain a deeper understanding of robotics principles and develop problem-solving skills.


Our lessons go beyond basic robotics and coding by introducing more substantial and real-world concepts. As your child progresses through our extensive and in-depth curriculum, they will establish a solid foundation in robotics, setting them up for future success in STEM fields.


Each learner will have the opportunity to work independently with their own robotics set and tablet assigned for the lessons. This personalized approach ensures that every child receives the attention and support they need to thrive in our program.


Let your child embarks on this robotics journey with us!

 Basic Lesson 
1 lesson | 1 hour 30 minute | $80

Learners can take this Basic lesson as the trial lesson as they are introduced to our teaching methodology and lesson structure while working towards four key objectives:


  1. Assessing visual spatial skills.

  2. Evaluating focus and comprehension of illustrated concepts.

  3. Understanding and applying coding blocks to construct a coding string.

  4. Independently or with minimal assistance in constructing a robot and completing given coding challenges.


The robot building segment actively engages learners in developing their fine motor skills and spatial awareness. Through hands-on manipulation of components, they begin to refine their motor control and spatial perception, laying the groundwork for future development in these areas.


In the coding segment, maintaining focus is paramount as learners absorb verbally explained and illustrated concepts. This concentration is key to their understanding and overall benefit from the program.


Upon completion, parents receive comprehensive feedback including a written assessment, a video showcasing their child's challenge attempts, and our recommendation for readiness to progress to WeDo Fun (Fundamental) lessons.


This trial lesson sets the foundation for further exploration and application of robotics concepts in an engaging and supportive environment.

WeDo Fundamentals (WeDo Fun)
6 lessons | 1 hour 30 minute each | $480

Our WeDo Fundamental (WeDo Fun) program consists of six engaging lessons, each lasting 1 hour and 30 minutes for weekly classes or three sessions of 3 hours each during our school holiday program.


Throughout these lessons, learners delve into the application of simple machines concepts for building robot mechanisms, integrating sensor onto their robot, and implementing new coding concepts to execute designated tasks based on specific inputs.


With each lesson, learners encounter more intricate connecting steps in building their robots and explore the use of simple conditional statements in coding. They are presented with challenging tasks that demand alterations to either or both robot mechanisms and code, fostering critical and analytical thinking skills, as well as inventive problem-solving skills.


There are no sample instructions to follow, encouraging learners to rely on their creativity and pragmatism while applying interdisciplinary STEM concepts to solve challenges.


Upon completion of WeDo Fun, learners can consider advancing to 'Tougher Robots,' where they'll tackle more complex builds and delve deeper into advanced coding concepts featuring additional conditional statements. Feel free to chat with us for more details.


*Learners receive a WeDo Certificate upon completing the WeDo Fun program.

WeDo Tougher Robots
40 lessons | 1 hour 45 minute each | 5 lessons $400 | 10 lessons $720

Our WeDo Tougher Robots program spans 40 lessons, each designed to deepen learners' understanding and mastery of robotics through a series of challenging experiences:


  1. Each of the 40 robots in this program features intricate connections and steps, requiring learners to navigate complex building processes.

  2. Learners explore advanced combinations of simple machine concepts for robot movement, including belt and pulley systems with gears of various gear types and sizes.

  3. Advanced coding concepts such as conditional statements (similar to 'if, then' but in pictorial coding blocks) are introduced, allowing learners to integrate sensor inputs for tasks like speed synchronization.

  4. Learners also delve into decimal usage within coding parameters, expanding their computational skills.

  5. Challenges provided throughout the program prompt learners to apply both robot building and coding skills, fostering conceptual thinking and interdisciplinary STEM application.

In essence, young learners will develop a strong foundation in robotics through the process of constructing and 'playing' with these robots. This hands-on experiential learning not only allows them to engage with the robots but also provides valuable insight into the methodologies of utilizing various coding concepts and robot building techniques.


Every 10 lessons, learners are assessed using a specially designed rubric system to gauge their competency and progress.


This accumulation of knowledge establishes a robust foundation for learners transitioning to Spike Prime robotics. Spike Prime lessons focus on further developing conceptual and analytical thinking skills, empowering learners to independently and competently apply interdisciplinary STEM concepts to solve even more complex problems.

*Learners receive a WeDo Certificate upon completing the WeDo Tougher Robots program.

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