My son loves all the courses as he finds it fun and interesting. Every course has its own challenge and he needs to think and create his own design. The courses allow him to develop critical thinking, analysis and observational skills. His teacher, Ricky, has deep knowledge and passion for the course. He guided my son and encourages him to do his best and even if the design does not work out, he always gives a word of encouragement to him to keep trying. He maintains open communication with parents and keeps us informed about my son's progress. Now, my son is into another challenge which he looks forward to every weekend. Thanks Inventive Kids for giving joy and fun to my son!

Cassandra Wong

MindStorms Basic I


My 7 year old son has been with Inventive Kids since they started. The programme is stimulating and engaging. Great teachers too!

Suhaila Ghaffar

WeDo Tougher Robots

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Eight of my students had two-day course. Pleasantly surprised to see that they had great fun and learned how to create different kinds of cars as well as developed their problem solving skills.

Yiwen Lin (Taiwan)

Discover Cars

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My 7-year old daughter enjoys the lessons a lot. The teachers are very engaging and are good with the children. An educational and fun program to introduce kids to STEM 👍🏻

Chong Fung Ping


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We had the best class in SG! We attended a great robotics class in Singapore. The teachers used heuristic pedagogy to allow the students to think independently and work on their robots hands-on, monitor their progress, give advice & guidance and extend help at the right time. The students could actually focus and concentrate for 4 hours! It turns out that as long as the content is interesting, and the right teaching method is used, even the "most mischievous" student can "learn while doing"!

Yiwen Lin (Taiwan)


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And in this case, Inventive Kids was a perfect match. They firmly believe in learning of mathematical and scientific concepts through play. My son does not even realise he is learning about shapes and numeracy and now, even decimals at Pri 2! He also learns about construction and gears.

Latifah Abdul Latif


Kids attended the holiday Wedo Accelerated basic programme where they had a fun and enriching time programming their moving Milo Rover. In the kids' own words, the programme was much better than a playground session!

Cindy Wu

WeDo Basic

We have been with Inventive Kids for more than a year. My son loves the program. What he has acquired over the months are not only just on robotics but also his ability to analyse the different challenges, computational skills, proficiency in using the different component for attachment and robot building. He has developed a good positive attitude of “keep trying” and “can do". Definitely will continue and recommend Inventive Kids as the team of teachers are just awesome!!!

Raymus Lim


My son attended the MindStorm Basic I holiday workshop and had only great things to say about the program and his coach. He is now looking forward to attending the Basic II class!

Debbie Lo

MindStorms Basic I