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we develop competent problem-solvers through play!

Our Mission

To provide a STEM-based platform for hands-on experiential learning, empowering children to be inventive, to adopt critical-thinking, sense-making and an inter-disciplinary mindset.

Our Vision

To be recognized as a leading *STEM Edu Regional Hub where parents are assured of quality programs that cater to different stages of child development. 

*(Science, Technology, Engineering, Math)

What does Inventive Kids® stand for?

Tomorrow's world will value our children of today more for their ability to create and be inventive instead of recalling facts or replicating processes.

Inventive Kids strives to bring hands-on learning experiences to foster inter-disciplinary thinking with inventiveness to prepare our children for the future. 

What shapes the learning objectives of our lessons?

To be an independent learner and a competent problem solver, one has to be able to understand concepts and not memorise them. This enables the person to harness his/ her knowledge to create pragmatic solutions for challenges inventively.   

Unlike in mainstream schools, our main method to enable students to understand a concept is to have them learn and apply the concepts through hands-on experiential learning while building robots (or toy models in KinderSTEM lessons). This exceptional process enables the students to obtain a deeper understanding of utilizing of the concepts through applications. We also use analogies in our illustrations, to enable the students to relate the concepts to real-world applications.    

Our STEM programs are suitable for 4 years old onwards as they provide hands-on experiential learning. Each program develops and elevates a student to a higher platform through the application of the concepts learned. The gist of our programs:

KinderSTEM program is an introduction to the fundamentals of STEM concepts to young learners within the framework consisting of geometry, structure, numbers, patterns, simple machine concepts and coding.


WeDo robotics program enables students to acquire & strengthen basic concepts of STEM through robotics. We use a guided structured approach in the application of inter-disciplinary concepts in the realm of STEM through robotics.

Spike Prime robotics program develops students to be competent problem solvers through applying inter-disciplinary STEM concepts independently in the realm of STEM through robotics by attempting the missions successfully.

In essence, when students have understood a concept, they can independently and competently design, construct and code the robot to execute a single or multiple tasks successfully. These students are also capable to replicate the concepts onto various designs to solve other given challenges. 

At this phase, attributes such as attention to detail, perseverance, pragmatism, etc, would have already been ingrained in the students.

Our team of high calibre Teachers
To enable the lessons to be relevant to the current and near future real-world applications, we need to have a team of good calibre teachers to interact with and coach the students.

Our teachers are mainly university under-graduates from a diverse educational background who are pursuing the skills & technologies of the future economy. They are strong in either mathematics (double major in math & applied math), physics, mechatronics, information technology, children psychology. Some are scholars and former school robotics club presidents as well.


These dynamic young adults possess the latest practical knowledge of the future economy applications and experience that they can relate in the lessons to benefit our students. Regardless of their education background, they all have a common attribute of working and interacting well with children.  

Our teachers are specially trained to illustrate the concepts of the topic by the Master Trainer, to bring out the essence of the concepts.  

About The Founder

Ricky Ho is a Registered Trainer with the Ministry of Education (MOE), Singapore and is also a trained facilitator of LEGO® Serious Play®.

Since 2012, Ricky has been conducting STEM workshops to children from 4 to 13 years old. Before setting up his STEM learning centre, Ricky was an industrial product & application trainer, conducting training to distributors and the end-users in the Asia Pacific region. His frequent site visits and interactions with plant directors, engineering managers, supervisors and maintenance staff, have enriched his knowledge on the mechanisms and processes used in the different industries*.  Those are practical real-world applications that remain relevant today and in the future.

Ricky found the applications interesting and beneficial for the next generation.  He always had the thought of teaching such applications in the form of concepts to children in a concise and easy to understand method.

While looking for interesting holiday programs - comparable to the ones that are currently conducted in his learning centre - for his young daughter in the mid-2000s, he realised that there were no such programs in the market. Ricky started to look for such children programs in the States and had a rare opportunity to hold insightful interactions with some renowned professionals from the States in children education. Their professional views on the best approach to teach concepts is through toy making. Taking that piece of good advice, Inventive Kids was established.

Ricky started to design and plan age-appropriate curriculum to illuminate the concepts to the children through building toy models. The teaching and coaching method utilize some facilitating techniques from the LEGO Serious Play program. Hence, the lessons require the students to understand concepts through hands-on experiential learning.


*some of the interesting industries and plants that Ricky visited before setting-up his learning centre include: cement making, steel making, car assembly, glass making, sea port, sugar mill, paper mill, mining & construction equipment, beverage & breweries, windmill system, chain system, subway maintenance department.

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