Happy to have had an informative Q&A session recently at our learning centre with Brian - Head of Tech Support and Rasmus - QA & Delivery from LEGO® Education - Billund, Denmark


we develop competent problem-solvers through play.



Our hands-on experiential learning activities impart STEM concepts and skills through the creating and exploring of toy models. Purposeful play develops focus and builds a strong foundation for learning and creative thinking.

STEM & Robotics Challenges

Our students look forward to our practical STEM challenges which position them to analyse problems & devise divergent solutions. They need to apply sense-making, inventiveness and persevere in executing their ideas until they achieve a viable solution.

Develop a

Growth Mindset

We cultivate a growth mentality whereby goals can be achieved through diligence, good strategies and input from others. This growth mentality is the cornerstone of our learning experiences to nurture self-efficacy of our students to succeed in life.


Our Mission

To provide a STEM-based platform for hands-on experiential learning, empowering children to be inventive, to adopt critical-thinking, sense-making and an inter-disciplinary mindset.



Our Vision

To be recognized as a leading *STEM Edu Regional Hub where parents are assured of quality programs that cater to different stages of child development. 


*(Science, Technology, Engineering, Math)

What does Inventive Kids® stand for?

Tomorrow's world will value our children of today more for their ability to create and be inventive instead of recalling facts or replicating processes.


Inventive Kids strives to bring hands-on learning experiences to foster inter-disciplinary thinking with inventiveness to prepare our children for the future. 

What are the differences in our approach in LEGO Education robotics programs compared to other robotics learning centres?

Authentic LEGO® Education

We are a LEGO® Education robotics programs provider and its products' retailer. Our LEGO® Education products are 100% genuine from LEGO® local authorized channel.

Among the many private learning centres offering LEGO® robotics programs in Singapore, we were the only one chosen by LEGO® Education's Head of Tech Support and Quality (photo above) to visit and gather users’ feedback during their Asian trip. We are also appointed as one of their Beta Test panel for its products in this region. 

We structure our activities with a heavy emphasis on concepts because we know that students who understand concepts are better placed to excel over time. For instance, in our LEGO® WeDo 2.0 and Mindstorms EV3 basic and intermediate programs, we would relate real applications to our students using the robots or the mechanism that they have built, highlighting the related STEM concepts. We also ensure that the students can apply Math concepts in their programming, seeing Math come alive in their hands!

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We are living in an era where technologies across industries have improved dramatically. It is with clear certainty that technology in tomorrow's world will even more advanced than the present  as mankind always strives to be better!


The accelerated use of automation in many industries have replaced less productive methods. To embrace the new age of automation, people are urged to adapt and adopt critical thinking, inventiveness, sense-making and an inter-disciplinary mindset. 

Our program emphasizes on hands-on experiential learning that involves critical thinking, inventiveness, sense-making and an inter-disciplinary mindset to identify possibilities, solutions and connections to STEM concepts. The rationale is simple, while know-how needs updating, one’s ability to think will lead to the next big invention. 


Our objective is to enable our students to have fun but real learning about robotics, with genuine interest and to develop holistically in a way that a good STEM education can offer. We aim to develop sense-making and inter-disciplinary thinking in children and inspire them to be inventive and confident.

Our approach is not to hothouse our students for competition and mandating evaluation test(s) to qualify their standard along the program. We have some parents who wanted their child and students themselves who wanted to join their schools’ robotic club but were unsuccessful due to the intense competition from school mates. We are happy to say that we are open to any student without pre-requisites but have interest in robotics and are willing to learn.


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Inventive Kids® was founded by Ricky Ho and Iris Lo in 2012. They have a combined wealth of experience in human resource management, mass communication, training, mechanical engineering, global channel distribution marketing and sales experience accumulated over 2 decades of working with multi-national companies. In addition to the teaching concepts learned from the experts in the educational sectors, they infuse creativity and innovation and most importantly pragmatic life-skills that are required in the growingly competitive workplace, into the learning activities they design.


While Ricky was working in a MNC which was the market leader in its industry, his job required him to travel intensively within Asia Pacific, visiting many factories of different industries. His typical work day of visiting customers at their factories could begin with a brewery, then to a cement making plant, steel making plant, car assembly plant, glass making plant, seaport, sugar mill, etc. From his frequent interactions with the respective plant directors, managers, engineers and supervisors, he acquired a rare, all-rounded understanding of various machinery and the engineering and science related to the different industries.  Ricky aims to use these knowledge to illustrate engineering and science concepts in their simplest forms to his young students.


Ricky Ho is a Registered Trainer with the Ministry of Education (MOE), Singapore and also a trained facilitator of Lego® Serious Play®.