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Why Inventive Kids?

Parents of our students realise the effectiveness of our integrated STEM curriculum. Thus, a majority of our students progress with us from one program to the next as they grow older.    An even stronger testimony is the decision of more parents to enrol their younger children in our programs, following the footsteps of the children's older siblings.

In essence, our hands-on experiential learning programs have the width & depth to develop a child to be an independent learner with the ability to apply the learned STEM concepts competently.

KinderSTEM program provides students of 4 to 5 years old with hands-on applications to understand some crucial fundamental STEM concepts through purposeful play. 


Some concepts in engineering such as shapes characteristics, 2D & 3D structures, balance, symmetry, and as well as the application of numbers in counting, sequencing, patterns, etc. These activities help the students to ‘see’ the relationship between these concepts and bridge them together in creating a solution.

WeDo robotics program provides an understanding of the fundamentals of robotics to students of 5 to 7 years old. They will learn and apply coding, simple machines concepts, the use of sensors, etc, to complete some required tasks.


There is a 'challenge' segment where the students need to be inventive to create a solution to solve it. It requires them to modify their robot, after analyzing the problem. Those modifications are done without any standard building instructions for them to follow. 

Mindstorms robotics program is suitable for 8 years old onward. After completing the Basic coding program, students will need to analyse the mission’s requirements to enable them to conceive a pragmatic idea in designing, constructing and coding their own robot, without any standard building or coding instructions.


In the progress, they will learn & apply many inter-disciplinary STEM concepts to accomplish their missions successfully.  

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