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is a developmental, heuristic play-based STEM program for preschoolers, nurturing a holistic skillset of visual-perceptual abilities, cognitive processing, motor skills and real world STEM application knowledge.

Our objective has always been to enable kids to learn while they are ‘in the zone’ and this can only be achieved when they are thinking, creating and having fun at the same time. Therefore, our teaching is ‘play-based’ with the combined elements of drawing/writing, toy model building and games to reinforce the kids’ understanding of concepts. Our lessons incorporate hands-on applications and real world knowledge into activities that aim to develop logical reasoning and problem solving strategies, providing an early advantage in critical thinking for your child.  Every activity also has the consistent theme of developing a child's visual-spatial perceptions, working memory, eye-hand coordination and motor skills.

For our KinderSTEM, building activities are more than just manipulative play. Besides helping the child to master fine motor skills and visual-perceptual abilities, they encourage the child to use higher order thinking to transform shapes into simple but working toys. Also, by working and learning in teams, pre-schoolers will learn the importance of teamwork and sharpen their communication skills. LEGO bricks and Thinkertoyland construction system is used for the building activities.

Another focus of our KinderSTEM program is on the application of mathematical concepts in real life. Number bonding, pattern recognition, addition & subtraction are taught through interesting and interactive ways including the use of real Singapore currency. Through role playing, kids will master and cultivate an appreciation of the practical use of math and science in everyday life.

Course Progression:
1 hour 15 min             
10 Lessons

Expand on visual-spatial & numeracy skills

Topics covered:

This methodically organised term expands a child’s visual spatial and numeracy skills through exploration of 2D/3D shapes, patterns, sequencing, symmetry, simple math, and distance and strength estimation during play.


The thorough hands-on manipulation of simple & compound, 2D & 3D shapes gives young children an early advantage in geometry in math and key science skills of observation and categorization.  Simple sums and shapes pattern recognition trains critical thinking and logic skills and helps to lay the first steps towards learning complex number concepts and mathematical operations.


Our activities also involve teamwork and cooperation -- important soft skills that are required as we express our thoughts and ideas throughout our lives. 

1 hour 15 min             
10 Lessons

Strengthen math skills and critical thinking through problem-based learning

Topics covered:

Analytical and problem solving thinking will be consistently practiced throughout the term as we focus on relevant and applicable concepts in real-world settings such as time and money. Our aim is to build confidence & independence within an individual student, even as they work in groups. They will experience what it is like to buy and sell "materials" in Singapore currency to build their toy models while strengthening their additional and subtraction concepts through this application!

1 hour 15 min             
10 Lessons

Dive into the application of math & science concepts & skills

Topics covered:

In the first half of this exciting term, we incorporate multiplication and division concepts into engaging activities utilizing science concepts. We relate these activities to real world settings to expose children to general knowledge and develop their pragmatic and motor skills.  

Next, we dive into the application of science concepts! Every lesson is a new adventure with experimenting of scientific properties and the hands-on application of their newfound knowledge. Our inventive kids even get to bring some of their new gadgets home.  Data collection and analysis during the lessons completes this quest for science skills.

1 hour 15 min             
10 Lessons

Advanced math, engineering & problem-solving skills utilizing simple machines theme

Topics covered:

The final term on the mechanism of simple machines as well as the strengthening and advancement of math skills introduced in the previous terms. By building working toy models, your child understands important concepts of physics and experience exercising critical and problem-solving skills. In addition, they solve engaging challenges that require the use of multiplication and division. The cumulation of knowledge and skills gained from all four terms will prepare your child for simple programming and introduction to robotics.

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