8 - 14 years old

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If your child has some robotics experience & is interested in continuing his/her robotics journey with us, we can arrange a free assessment to enable us to recommend a suitable level for him/her.

We have chosen LEGO Education Mindstorms EV3 robotics as we believe that the EV3 robotics components and its programming would provide the right experiential learning for our children. It develops our children to adapt and apply their present and future robots/ automations throughout their growth.


Mindstorms programming develops the students’ process thinking and strengthens some fundamental mathematics concepts such as the familiarity of angles, the importance of decimal place, etc. While designing and building the robot drive base and its attachments for different missions, it encourages children to adopt a divergent solution mindset and inventiveness with a  pragmatic approach.  


Mindstorms EV3 (education set) consists of four type of sensors which are widely used across many industries and also commonly used in robotics competitions, providing a firm robotics foundation to the students when they progress further.

One class accommodates up to a maximum of 4 students and each student will be equipped with a LEGO Education Mindstorms EV3 core set #45544 and a laptop for Mindstorms programming to maximise their learning.

Course Progression: 
1 hour 45min 
4 Lessons

 Mindstorms EV3 Basic 

Students who are 8 years old and older are suitable

to enrol into our EV3 Basic program which

comprises of two segments:

Movement and Sensors.

In our Mindstorms EV3 Basic Movement, students will learn how to program their EV3 robots to move forward and backward, as well as to learn to program 2 different types of turns. There are simple challenges for the students to apply some mathematics concepts in the programming to move the robot with precision.
In Mindstorms EV3 Basic Sensors, students will learn the functions and applications of the four sensors - Ultrasonic, Colour, Touch & Gyro. The use of the sensor(s) will immediately enhance the robot’s effectiveness to meet any given challenges.

The learning objectives are:​

  • To understand the function and application of the EV3 Intelligent Brick

  • To understand the function of the Mindstorms programming canvas

  • To apply some simple yet important mathematics calculations and symbols in programming for precise robot manoeuvres

  • To apply the fundamental of robot building using Mindstorms EV3 components with sensors and able to program it to solve challenges effectively

*Certificate of completion of the basic program will be issued to the student who has completed both segments

(movement and sensors) and are able to apply the concepts satisfactorily to overcome the given challenges.


 EV3 Space Missions 

1 hour 45 min
6 Lessons

Different Missions from the Space Missions Program 

With the basic concepts of Mindstorms EV3 acquired, it is now time for the students to apply and strengthen those concepts through a series of hands-on applications in the form of Space Missions.


Our Mindstorms EV3 Space Missions require the students to accomplish 8 missions. Besides designing, constructing and programming their robots to execute the missions, the students are also required to design customised robot attachments for the individual missions. They can use an appropriate sensor to help them to accomplish some of the missions.  

Students designing and constructing their own robots and attachments


 EV3 Continue Mission 

1 hour 45min
Estimated 40 lessons per format

Continue Mission from the Space Missions, the students will tackle new missions from First LEGO League and/ or World Robotics Olympiad (WRO) competition formats. For students who want to sharpen their robotics skills like the top international robotics teams have competed on, this is the program to enroll to.


Before designing & constructing a robot with attachment(s) and programming it to execute the multiple challenges, the students are required to map out a strategy after analyzing the challenges.


Constant modification and fine-tuning of the robot and programming are expected. Therefore, the students who wish to enroll in this program are required to have perseverance & inventiveness, as well as their own LEGO Education Mindstorms EV3 Core set(s) #45544 and Expansion Kit.

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