Robotics for 8 - 12 years old

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If your child has prior Mindstorms or Spike Prime robotics experience & is interested in continuing his/her robotics journey with us, we can arrange a free assessment to enable us to recommend a suitable level for him/her.

Mindstorms EV3 robotics has provided a robust platform to our students in the interdisciplinary STEM concepts applications in a profound way. With the evolving world of robotics advancement, Lego Education has a new robotics set – Spike Prime that replaces Mindstorms.

We have been testing Spike Prime since last year and are happy with its features, that we believe it would enhance the learning experience of our students. These features are visible in its (Scratch) coding blocks and its sensors, which are more user-friendly and produce more satisfactory outcome in attempting missions.

 Basic Movement 

1 hour 45min 
2 Lessons

Basic Movement program is to enable students to understand the respective coding concepts & coding block function to achieve accurate motor movements of the Driving Base. The students will learn & apply:

Concepts to obtain the parameter(s) to move & stop the Driving Base accurately.  This entails the understanding & application of decimal numbers and some arithmetic operations to obtain the parameter for the coding

The coding concepts to enable the robot to execute the two types of turns and to understand when to apply which type of turn for different circumstances.

 Continue Mission 

1 hour 45min
Estimated 40 lessons per format

In our Continue Mission program, there are no standard building & coding instructions to follow but just the students’ analytical and critical thinking skills.


As the missions have no standard & fixed approach to accomplish it successfully, the students are required to analyse the mission to conceive their idea for an effective and pragmatic approach to achieve success. Thereafter, they have to build & code their robot, go through an iteration of observe & fine-tuning process on their robot & the codes, before accomplishing the missions successfully.


Additionally, the students will learn and apply techniques that encompass interdisciplinary STEM concepts in their robot construction for the missions. This entire process is highly effective to develop an independent learner and an all-rounder student who is proficient in robotics.

Analytical & Computational Thinking

Divergent Thinking

Applying Problem Analysis To Achieve Success


3 hours
1 Session

Sensors program (will be conducted during June/ Nov/ Dec school holiday), is to enable students:

  • to understand the characteristics of the four respective sensors (Touch, Gyro, Color, Ultrasonic) and their coding concepts;

  • to understand & apply some arithmetic symbols to set-up condition(s) in some advanced coding concepts for the sensor(s) to perform specific tasks. 

*Certificate of completion of the basic program will be issued to the student who has completed both programs
(Basic Movement and Sensors) and are able to apply the concepts satisfactorily in the given challenges.