Spatial Perception

Foundation in Programming

Logical Thinking

Analytical & Critical Thinking


1 hour 15 min             
10 Lessons

Programming is at the heart of robotics. It enables the robot to synchronize every sequence of its movement in a timely and orderly manner to accomplish a mission. Therefore, the programmer’s ability to analyse the required task(s) and program the sequence of continued actions for the robot to accomplish the mission, form the basis of robotics. 

This program is specially designed for the 5-year-olds to develop their understanding of common concepts and programming in robotics. The objectives are to: 

  1. establish a good spatial perception using their body-facing in relation to position (forward/ back/ right & left). This foundation builds-up their clarity in commanding the robot’s movement

  2. establish the foundation in programming

  3. understand the importance of sequencing

  4. develop logical thinking to plan to accomplish the objective(s)

  5. develop analytic thinking & critical thinking to solve challenges


Normally, the path that a robot takes on a mission is not always straight-forward. Therefore, the routes in our lessons are deliberately laid with barriers to develop the young students in analysing the situation and planning for the minimum steps to reach the destination (accomplish the mission).  This objective is aligned with most international competitions where the robots are to complete a mission successfully and within the shortest time.

The final segment of the program is to sharpen the students’ programming concepts, critical-thinking, eye-hand coordination for quick reflexes and some teamwork to handle some dynamic and static challenges. The students need to be focused on their programming and must be constantly aware of the robot’s changing orientation to enable the students to key-in their commands correctly.   

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