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Play-Coding! : our latest Developmental Curriculum for 5-year-olds

We have been conducting robotics programs to many young students of different ages. When we first begun, we have included the 5-year-olds in the program. After 8 months into the program, our teachers have concluded that students of this age experience the same bugging issues that caused difficulties for them to catch-up during lessons. The common issues were: • Difficulty to understand most explanations of the concepts, • Insufficient strength and fine motor skills to complete the connections, • Having difficulty to interpret the instructional drawings to construct the robot.

We believe the robotic lessons can still develop the 5-year-olds’ motor skill and their visual spatial intelligence. Unfortunately, this would require more time to enable them to fully understand the concepts and to complete the robot for programming. But our main worry was that it may extinguish their interest in learning not only robotics but anything that appears tough in their young minds!

We have reviewed the content priority of our robotics program for this age group and have identified that it must align to the developmental phase of their: • Analytical skills • Pattern recognition and • Fundamental understanding of programming concepts.

The above would pave a firm foundation for their knowledge in robotics and their learning journey ahead of them.

With this in mind, we are pleased to introduce our latest developmental program specially catering to 5-year-olds – Play-Coding!. As its name suggests, Play-Coding! allows a child to learn and develop through play and coding.

Our curriculum initiates the child into the world of programming and robotics. More importantly, it gives kids a head start by building the foundation of thinking skills that are critical for all other aspects of life.

During our Play-Coding! classes, young learners will learn to command their robots to fulfil tasks and challenges in fun coding adventures. Specially designed for 5-year-olds, the coding is screen-free and tactile, and helps your kids develop logical and analytical thinking and problem-solving skills with fun and sensory play.

We will be using the Matatalab coding kit as the learning tool – evaluated and chosen for its colourful modules and great design. The kit also allows for physical manipulation of variables and conditionals, which the robot will respond to at the hit of the huge play button, making the coding process and its outcome very tangible. With our curriculum, the young learner will discover cause and effect, and how planning and strategizing can help them overcome the obstacles and achieve their goals.

Play-Coding! is definitely in line with our motto:

We Develop Competent Problem Solvers Through Play!

More about the course objectives and details are here:

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