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The key learning tool that will be used during the KinderSTEM lessons is the Thinkertoyland®, a colourful and dynamic construction system.



The concept of the stick & spool by the original Tinkertoy from America has more than one hundred years of history. Building on the century-old concept but with improved design and additional new patented components, THINKERTOYLAND® by Zhejiang Beima, China, stands out on its own. It has gained widespread recognition in China’s preschool sector and has been endorsed as an educational tool by the Chinese Youth Academy of Science.

As the sole distributor of Thinkertoyland® since 2013, we have introduced it to our local customers through educational fairs and road-shows. The positive responses we received from both institutions and end-users are encouraging.    

Thinkertoyland® is a creative teaching and learning tool. With the trainer's guidance, playing with Thinkertoyland® can become a learning experience for the child.  This seamless matching of play and learn fulfills the definition of the term ‘purposeful play’ perfectly.  

When children build with Thinkertoyland®, whether they are preschoolers exploring shapes, colours and sizes, or primary school students experimenting with structures, mechanism and simple physics, they have entered into the world of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math).  Thinkertoyland® is a great addition to any classroom, whether it is a preschool, primary school or care centre.  Do contact us at to find out more.


Thinkertoyland® is presently being used at all Big Hearts Student Care in primary schools and PCF kindergartens. 

170208231510_Thinkertoyland on TV screen

Thinkertoyland was featured on Mediacorp's channel 8

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