Holiday Programs

School’s out, but learning still goes on at Inventive Kids! Our holiday programs are curated to actively engage students to stimulate thinking.  Join us in our signature hands-on programs that develop problem-solving and inter-disciplinary thinking.  Through building toy models to replicate real-life objects or applications, students will definitely enjoy the meaningful activities that connect them to Science, Technology, Engineering and Math concepts through play.

Discover Series


Discover Cars, Flight

2 Hours
7 - 12 years

Children will be empowered to use their creativity and problem-solving skills to create different working models of flying objects and cars using daily household items and recycled materials while exploring different science and engineering concepts.


Discover Cars – Students are required to build a gravity car that can travel the farthest in a straight forward direction.


Discover Flight – Students are required to build a Straw Dart and a Paper Rocket that can fly the farthest.


Learning objective:

Pneumatic | Aerodynamics | Energy transfer | Pressure

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