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Thinkertoyland® was on channel 8!

It was a pleasant surprise to catch an interview of Ms Low Yen Ling, Parliamentary Secretary, Ministry of Education & Ministry of Trade and Industry on 'Hello Singapore', a prime time news & current affairs programme. Ms Low, in her interview, outlined how Big Heart Student Care Centres focus on the holistic development of the child, including STEM enrichment.

She described her visit to one of the centres where students were playing with this very interesting and dynamic construction toy that helps them to understand science concepts and nurture creativity through play. A good amount of air time accompanied her interview - showing students actively and meaningfully engaged in building toy models with Thinkertoyland at the student care centre. We would like to thank Self Help Group Student Care for allowing us to bring the benefits of Thinkertoyland to their students.

The interview was aired on 16 Jan 2017. Please click on this link, Thinkertoyland can be seen at the 10:15 minute mark of the interview:

Another interview is also aired on:

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