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Spring into a new beginning! New website, new programs, new coat of 100% natural paint that helps wi

We love a new year, be it 1 January or the Lunar New Year 😊! New years mean a fresh beginning with better system(s) to enhance our productivity and more importantly, the development of our students.

Firstly, we have a refreshed website and it presents our updated programs' details in a more user-friendly process to keep the information crisp and easy to navigate. We are grateful to our team who contributed constructive ideas and feedback to make this website looking great. A special thanks goes to our webmaster who did not have prior experience on website building, who designed and built the entire website to our satisfaction and within a short span of time.

Secondly, we have repainted our learning centre with a 100% natural chemical-free paint that is Made in Singapore. The special paint contains Diatomaceous Earth that absorbs Volatile Organic Compound (VOC) pollutants, is odourless, anti-mould, anti-bacteria and emits negative ion that helps people to feel refreshed and stay focused. We hope that this will enhance our students' absorption rate of the concepts being highlighted during class. FYI, this same paint has been painted at some top schools including Hwa Chong Institution and Nanyang Girls' High.

Moving ahead we have in our plans more interesting programs that can sharpen our students' inventiveness, sense-making, critical-thinking and inter-disciplinary thinking. To kick-start, we have designed two new LEGO WeDo holiday programs for students who have gone through our WeDo basic program. Not our existing student? We can conduct a free assessment to ascertain the child's level of understanding of WeDo 2.0 which he or she may have attended elsewhere and then do a recommendation to the parents.

We look forward to your continued support. Wishing you and family a prosperous and enriching new year!

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