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Visit by Lego Education Denmark

What are the differences in our approach in Lego Education robotics programs compared to other robotics learning centres? This is a question we received from some parents recently.

“Well, quite different” was our answer.

Officially, we are the authorized retailer and learning centre of Lego Education products and its robotics programs. Our Lego Education products are 100% genuine from Lego local authorized channel.

Among the many private learning centres offering Lego robotics programs in Singapore, we were the only one chosen by Lego Education's Head of Tech Support and Quality to visit and gather users’ feedback during their recent Asian trip. We are also appointed as one of their Beta Test panel for its software in this region.

Curriculum-wise, we structure our activities with a heavy emphasize on concepts because we know that students who understand concepts are better placed to excel over time. For instance, in our Lego WeDo 2.0 and Mindstorms EV3 basic and intermediate programs, we would relate real applications to our students using the robots or the mechanism that they have built, highlighting the related STEM concepts. We also ensure that the students can apply Math concepts in their programming, seeing Math come alive in their hands!

We provide free assessment for kids whose parents want to start them at a very young age, to evaluate whether they are ready. Similarly, for kids who have prior experience in robotics, we would find out how much he/ she already knew so that we can recommend the appropriate level.

Our fee is net, without registration fee, materials fee, evaluation fee, GST, etc.

Each student will get to use an individual robotics kit set and laptop/ tablet during lesson to maximise his/ her learning. Each class size is kept small for close interaction with our trainer.

Our objective is to enable our students to have fun but real learning about robotics, with genuine interest, and to develop holistically in a way that a good STEM education can offer. Our approach is not to hothouse our students for competition, mandating evaluation test(s) to qualify their standard. We understand from students and parents that the students wanted to join their schools’ robotic clubs but are unsuccessful due to the intense competition from school mates. We are happy to say that we are open to any student without pre-requisites but who have the interest in robotics and are willing to learn.

Developing sense-making and inter-disciplinary thinking in children and inspiring them to be inventive and confident remain at the heart of our approach.

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