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We Develop Competent Problem Solvers through Play!

Since 2012, we have been conducting STEM hands-on experiential learning programs to children 5 years and older. We designed and fine-tuned our curriculum progressively based mainly on our interactions with and the responses from the children on our activities.

Our objective is to inculcate in children the essential concepts, competence and mindset so that they can become competent problem solvers – and their journey must be one that is fun and seen as play!

We are delighted to see the intended outcome in almost all our students who started their journey with us at 5-years-old in KinderSTEM and progressed with us to WeDo and then Mindstorms robotics. Now at 8-years-old and in Primary 2, they demonstrate proficiency in Mindstorms more advanced than peers of the same age.

These students possess distinctively sharp visual-spatial awareness, demonstrated visibly in their robot construction process. This aspect becomes significant when they are on our Mindstorms EV3 Continue Mission program, where students are not provided with any building instructions and they need to analyze the mission requirements before they program, design and construct their robot attachments to tackle the different missions.

We always joke with their parents, that their children no longer ‘play-play’ during lessons as they are now on a higher platform, flexing their well-developed cognitive to create pragmatic and workable solutions for the missions. Indeed, we have the privilege of witnessing the growth of some students over the years and one of the moms expressed her heartfelt thoughts through our FB page:

The students who have completed their robotics basic program can get the opportunity to explore and nurture their inventiveness and critical-thinking through a series of challenges and mini-challenges. Hence, when they progress on to our Mindstorms Continue Mission program, they are nimble enough to solve any issues encountered in the designing and constructing of the attachments. They are also quick to adapt our advice – if needed – to work for them.

We are one of the very few centres that specializes in STEM programs and more so for having programs that starts from 4-years-old onwards. Children who start with us on our KinderSTEM and progress through to our Mindstorms robotics programs will discover and consciously explore new concepts that are aligned to build a sound foundation in their early journey of STEM education.

Contact us to find out a suitable program to begin your child’s experiential learning journey in the STEM education.

We develop competent problem solvers through Play!

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